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LZ Yacthing 1991 is the official yacht dealer for Bulgaria of Princess Yachts, Bavaria Sailing Yachts, Bavaria Motor Yachts, Nautitech Catamarans, Grand Soleil Yachts, Monterey Boats, Formula Boats, Cigarette Performance Boats. Amongst others we represent the best brands in their respective fields: North Sails, Williams Jet Tenders, Zodiac RHIBs and water torpedo SEABOB.

LZ Yachting 1991 has a team of experienced specialists who have worked for many years in the field of yachting. They will help you make the best yacht choice and provide the perfect relaxation for you and your family.

Thanks to the valuable advice of LZ Yachting 1991's assistants, you will be able to navigate the best value for money in choosing a yacht.

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About Us

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Princess Yachts

Your yacht is an extension of yourself. A statement of your lifestyle. She needs to deliver unforgettable experiences for you, your family and friends.

Bavaria Yachts

BAVARIA YACHTS is worldwide the most modern manufacturer of sailing yachts, motorboats and catamarans. A BAVARIA yacht is the product of the perfect interplay between its individual components. At its forefront is the immense knowhow on boat construction, the engineering ingenuity and design.

Used Boats

Our extensive experience in the yachting business is allowing us to offer you the best advice and services in order to get your dream yacht.

Bavaria Catamarans Nautitech


Charters Bulgaria

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Party and Excursions

Have unforgettable fun onboard one of many water crafts, that will take you for a party trip with music and drinks in Varna Bay or Varna Lake. You can take longer boat trips around the beautiful Black Sea coast.

Team building

Sailing is all about team work. Every crew member has his position and his responsibilities, just like in your company. Or you can forget about all this and have fun together and enjoy the wind, the sun, the sea with the unique outdoor experience of sailing.

Buy North Sails

North Sails is the most innovative sailmaker with technological advances that have led modern sailmaking. The knowledge and expertise in raw materials and how they relate to customer demands in finished sails is the essence of every North product.

Yacht Marina

We have our own marina in the center of Varna. She is built according to international standards. We offer high level of services and here is 24/7 security onsite.

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    Our Projects

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    Varna Channel Cup 2018

    “Bavaria Yachts” yacht club is a premier sailing and racing club in Bulgaria. In 2014 the first Varna Channel Cup was launched, inspired by the idea to make a significant event in Varna and to popularise the sport of sailing in the country. This is a unique and spectacular event not only for the city but for Bulgaria and the Black Sea. We made the first Bulgarian regatta with Pro-Am competition with a possibility to join citizens and city guests to professional crews.

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    Racing team

    LZ Yachting got involved with regatta sailing during 2002 with sailing yacht Nataly a Conrad 45. In 2006 we began to more actively participate in regattas with Bavaria sailing yachts, to which we became representative for Bulgaria. First with Bavaria 33, followed by Bavaria 46 and Bavaria 50. We have been with Bavaria 50 Vision for many years, with which we have achieved many national and international successes. During 2012 we transitioned to Bavaria 40 Sport. Our club has been five times champion of Bulgaria and we won many international trophies, especially Marmaris International Race Week, Gocek Race Week and others. The most prestigious achievements are 7th place in the ORC European Championship and 1st place in Bosphorus Cup in 2016. We continue to develop our team and skills in competitive sailing and to utilise what we have learnt and the experience gained in our work.

    Our Team

    Lachezar Bratoev

    Lachezar Bratoev

    Founder and President of the Board

    • bratoev@lzyachting.com
    • +359 885 099 999
    Dimitar Panayotov

    Dimitar Panayotov

    CEO, Sales Director - Pincess Yachts, Bavaria Motor and Sailing Yachts, Bavaria Catamarans, Grand Soleil sailing yachts, Green Line motor yachts, Axopar motor boats, Monterey motor boats, Wiliams dinghies, Seabob, Yacht Brokerage

    • dimitar@lzyachting.com
    • +359 887 887 667
    Svetlin Karadzhov

    Svetlin Karadzhov

    Sales Manager - North Sails, Yacht Charters

    • svetlin@lzyachting.com
    • +359 888 199 229
    Nataly Bratoeva

    Nataly Bratoeva

    LZ YACHT SHOP - owner and manager

    • NBratoeva@LZyachting.com
    • +359 88 66 40004
    Georgi Dimitrov

    Georgi Dimitrov

    Head of Technical Departement and Yacht Marina

    • support@lzyachting.com
    • +359 882 925 863

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