3Di NORDAC – Frequelntly Asked Questions

Posted On 27/07/2018

get perfect trim and performance from a sail with great durability

1.How is 3Di Nordac different than my old cross-cut dacron sails?

3Di Nordac uses the same trusted materials combined with advanced and fully proven manufacturing. 3Di Nordac is durable like woven dacron but has far better shape and shape longevity. The basic differences are spread filaments instead of woven fibers, and a seamless molded sail instead of sewn-together panels. If you like your boat to sail well, you will love 3Di Nordac.

2. I have heard Cruising Laminates don’t last long. Will 3Di NORDAC delaminate?

No. One of the amazing breakthroughs of 3Di construction is that it is not a laminate at all, and there is no mylar film. 3Di is uniquely engineered of environmentally stable materials.

3. What is the square pattern on 3Di NORDAC sails? Are these seams?

No these are not seams. The outer layer of 3Di NORDAC are the first and last layers of the composite as we build a sail from port side to starboard side on the sail mold. For 3Di NORDAC, these outer layers are a special form of polyester that we use to protect against damage from UV, chafe, abrasion and flex.

4. I don’t understand how you “mold” a sail?

Your sail is built in its three dimensional flying shape. All of the component materials are laid up and fused on a very large “mold” that is custom-shaped to your sail’s design. This process is quite different than cutting panels of sailcloth with curved edges and sewing them together, which is how traditional sails are made.

5. Why is a molded sail better than a panel sail?

Because all of the component parts of your sail are made in 3D space, a 3Di sail is better at accepting working loads. All of the load-bearing filaments are aligned with the many different strain and compression loads of a sail. All of these materials are laid up in a multi-axis array. In panel sails, you only have two axes to align fibers. With 3D molded sails, there are an infinite number of alignments we can use depending upon the size, shape and intended use of a given sail.

6. How do you know 3Di will be right for cruising sails?

3Di technology has been in use since 2010, and we have made thousand of sails that have sailed millions of miles. We spent over two years developing 3Di NORDAC and we have put many 3Di NORDAC sails into use in the harshest sailing environments around the world. We stand behind our products and guarantee they will have great durability and performance.

7. How can I trust North Sails to build a great cruising sail? Aren’t you guys are all about racing?

We like to cruise and we know how to make great cruising sails—in fact, North Sails has been the world’s largest cruising sailmaker for many decades. One of the benefits of building sails for round the world racers and modern superyachts is that lessons about durability can be directly transferred to our cruising sails.

8. Why does North Sails have to measure my boat?

We are very particular about building sails that will fit your boat perfectly, so every sail we make is customized. Small details like attachment fittings and luff slides can make a big difference. If we have made sails for your boat before, we can usually build a new sail from our records. And if you are far away from a North Sails office, we will provide you with a measurement form so you can take your own measurements.

9. How should I look after my sails at the end of the season?

3Di NORDAC sails require very little maintenance, but it is always a good idea to take them into our service sites for an annual check up. We will make sure there are no wear points and repair any minor damage. Every 3Di NORDAC sail comes with 1 year free sail care, so bring it in at the end of the season.

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