High Roach Mainsail

The High Roach Mainsail profile fits between a standard cruising mainsail and a square top racing mainsail, and it is the preferred profile for many cruising cats and multihulls. This design combines the high performance of a large roach, with battens parallel to the boom for easy stacking. High Roach Mainsails are designed to provide full power in light air and reaching, but twist easily upwind when overpowered. These fully featured sails are designed for perfect integration with your luff car and reefing systems.

Pack included:

  • Logarithmic Roach Profile
  • 5 or more Full Length Battens Parallel to Foot
  • RBS E-Glass Compression Battens*
  • Closed Batten Pocket Leech End
  • 1 or more Reef Points
  • North Sails Adjustable Batten Receptacles*
  • Designed for Custom Luff and Batten Car Systems
  • Cunningham
  • Adjustable Leech and Foot Cords
  • Loose Foot with Integral Foot Shelf
  • Exclusive Teardrop Corner Reinforcements
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Nylon Twist (Leech) Telltales
  • Drawstring Sail Bag

North Sails Optional:

  • Foot Rope or Foot Slides
  • Overhead Leech Cord
  • Spreader Tip Patches
  • Batten Pocket Chafe Protection
  • Reef Keepers
  • Flaking Handles

High Roach Mainsail

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High Roach Mainsail High Roach Mainsail for sale

3Di Endurance

3Di Endurance is the most rugged version of our composite molded sail technology. Endurance sails strike a balance between performance and reliability. Evolved from the original 3Di sail and continually refined, 3Di Endurance represents the state of the art in high performance and durability.

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High Roach Mainsail High Roach Mainsail for sale

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3Di Nordac transforms polyester fiber into seamless, one-piece sails that are uniquely strong, beautiful, and long-lasting. North Sails is excited to introduce this revolutionary sail technology for small to medium sized cruising boats.

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High Roach Mainsail High Roach Mainsail for sale

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High Roach Mainsail High Roach Mainsail for sale

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