Racing Genoa

North Racing Genoas come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles to optimize your sail inventory. Our range of Racing Genoas are designed for maximum strength, low stretch and minimal weight. Signature features of North Racing Genoas include wider steering grooves, straighter exit angles and minimum leech sag, providing maximum speed and pointing. Whether you need a Light #1 to power up or a #2 to blast through waves, North Sails will design your genoa to suit your needs, for your boat and your racing.

Racing Genoa Pack included:

  • Exclusive Teardrop Corner Reinforcements
  • Lightweight Luff Tape
  • Stainless Steel Corner Rings
  • Adjustable Leech and Foot Cords
  • Spreader Patches
  • Stanchion Patches
  • Tell Tale Windows
  • Yarn Steering (Luff) Telltales
  • Racing Trim Stripes
  • Sail Numbers
  • Country Code
  • Certified Measurement
  • Zipper Sail Bag

North Sails Optional:

  • Tack Snap Shackle
  • Soft Clew
  • T Clew Ring
  • Foot Skirt Lifter
  • Soft Hanks

Racing Genoa

Recommended materials

Racing Genoa Racing Genoa for sale

3Di Raw

3Di Raw is the lightest and fastest version of our composite molded sail technology. Raw is the ultimate evolution of racing sails, incorporating only the essential elements for high performance – with nothing unnecessary added. Due to its unequaled level of shape-holding and sail stability, 3Di Raw has dominated Grand Prix race courses worldwide and can now be found across all levels of racing, on boats of all sizes.

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Racing Genoa Racing Genoa for sale

NPL Sport

NPL Sport sails feature high-performance North Sails Xi Race laminates, which are produced using the world’s most advanced sailcloth laminator. The result is exceptional laminate bonding with minimum adhesive. Our integrated eXact™ process allows on-the-fly application of variable-angle x-scrims that are unique to the industry. eXact x-scrims eliminate the parasitic bulk of carrier yarns used in pre-made scrims.

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Racing Genoa Racing Genoa for sale

NPC Radian

Our patented NPC Radian warp-oriented sailcloth is a unique non-laminated polyester material suitable for radial panel construction. Uncrimped warp yarns are interwoven with specially shaped fill yarns, allowing a more sophisticated radial panel construction than a traditional cross-cut layout. With NPC Radian, sailors can enjoy lower stretch radial performance without films and glues.

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