Princess F Class

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Princess 43 F for sale

The iconic Princess 43 delivers exceptional sea keeping and performance. Speed range: 30-32 knots

Model Review

Price from 568 032 €
Beam 13ft 11in (4.25m)
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Princess 55 F for sale

From the moment you step aboard of the new Princess 55 F, luxurious space is a constant companion. Speed range: up to 32.5 knots

Model Review

Price from 1 084 424 €
Beam 16ft 0in (4.87m)
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Princess 62 F for sale

The all-new Princess 62 F encapsulates our meticulous design ethos and all the benefits of the latest infusion technology, enabling the inclusion of features normally possible only on much larger craft. Speed range: 30-32 knots

Model Review

Price from 1 582 855 €
Beam 16ft 6in (5.03m)
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Princess 68 F for sale

The Princess 68 is a breathtakingly beautiful craft. Speed range: 34-36 knots

Model Review

Beam 17ft 8in (5.38m)

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