The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful and preferred yacht charter destinations. Sail around the Leeward Islands with their lush forests and incredibly diverse nature, Havana with its rich history and unique nightlife, and BVI is the perfect diving destination. Stroll along the tranquil pink sand beaches of Barbados, dance to the reggae rhythms of Jamaica and climb the beautiful volcanic hills with breathtaking views of Martinique. Whether you are looking for a glamorous New Year's celebration of St. Bart or a relaxing holiday in the Grenadines, we will provide you with the best experience.

Croatia and Montenegro

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Expedition Charter

The latest trend in charter services is the "yacht expedition". More and more people are realizing that a unique and unforgettable family experience is much more than lounging, shopping and dining in fine restaurants. The truly valuable time is when the focus is on those closest to us, when there are no typical reasons to be distracted, when we experience new adventures together. Chartering a yacht in a remote, unfamiliar and atypical for this type of vacation area is radically different from anything you've done before. If the snow and low temperatures do not bother you and if the encounters with the wild nature make you excited and feel more alive, there is no better way to recharge. Among other things, be sure to be one of the few who can share experiences from such a charter - after all, innovators and the brave have always been a small part of society, but this group of people always draws the most -the sweetest goods of his time. Don't be fooled by the way most explorer yachts look - they often look like tools on the outside, because that's what they really are - very efficient, safe and reliable tools that will take you to the most remote and depopulated places in the world, but in full comfort. When you step on board such a yacht, you quickly realize that you will not lack luxury and comfort, on the contrary. These are the yachts that usually have the widest variety of toys and the most experienced crews that deliver a lot of added value to their guests by organizing very serious logistics to get to the most interesting places possible.


From the Ionian islands trhough the Saronic gulf, to the Sporades and Cyclades all the way to the Dodecanese, Greece can draw you back again and again while presenting you something new every time - different atmosphere, architecture, nature and experiences. At the same time the hospitality of the locals will make you feel at home. Discover in more detail all the sailing regions of the ancient country and choose your next sailing adventure.

Indian Ocean and South East Asia

Imagine the feeling of freedom when you sail a yacht to one of the most coveted beaches and islands, which seem to rise from the warm azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. Enjoy the tropical breeze on your skin while walking on the immaculate white sands of the atolls. Dive into bustling coves, relax in the romance of beautiful sunsets. In ancient Sanskrit, the vast Indian Ocean was known as Ratnakara, the "Creator of Jewels." It is not known whether the ancients meant the pearls that local divers took out of the blue depths, risking their lives, or the scattered incredibly beautiful islands, and perhaps the experiences that await every visitor. A long-time favorite place in the world for all connoisseurs of the unique combination of luxury, tranquility and carefree, beautiful landscapes and a variety of entertainment, yacht chartering in Southeast Asia is of the highest standard.

Northern Europe

If you have always imagined that a vacation on a yacht is associated with hot days, swimsuits and refreshing cocktails, let us tell you a secret - there is another formula - just replace the swimsuit with comfortable warm clothes and shoes, cocktails with your favorite hot drink and enjoy the magic of Northern Europe. Filled with a lot of history, culture and amazing breathtaking views, you must try it, as did many others who are already avid fans of this destination.

South Pcific

Imagine standing on the front deck of a yacht, on a windless evening and with a cocktail in hand, watching the starry sky - something you have never seen before. You can easily immerse yourself in the adventurous spirit of explorers like James Cook and imagine the courage they possessed. Here are concentrated destinations and famous islands that very few people had the chance to visit, and those who were lucky enough to leave with unforgettable memories of unique experiences - for Tahiti with its picturesque lagoons and quiet harbors, for Fiji with its rich culture of traditions, exotic food and music, for Vanuatu with its waterfalls and hospitable inhabitants.

West Mediterranean

The western Mediterranean, divided between Spain and the Balearic Islands via the French Riviera to the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, will connect you with the most exclusive places and events during the summer season. Here the millennial history of the most developed civilizations in the world and the unique nature will immerse you in a world full of experiences, the memories of which you will keep forever.

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